Driven by the past, present, and future of political science, it is of no surprise that research is both highly valued and a prominent attribute among the Department’s facultygraduateundergraduate community. As a world-renowned research institution, UC San Diego is a hub for bright minds to come together and connect theory to practice, questions to answers (and often times, more questions), and explore how the world around us is affected by research, and how research is affected by the world. Housed within the Division of Social Science, the Department of Political Science brings together brilliant minds to contribute important research and and share findings with those both within and outside the realm of political science.

Faculty Research

Below are some examples of the types of research our faculty focus on. Their individual profiles give greater depth to their academic and professional expertise within political science and also includes their curriculum vitae.

One of the great benefits of research in political science is the prominence and power that research and findings has on the lives of everyday people, local, state, and national governments, and the relationships between and within other countries across the world.

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