In a matter of days we will see historic change nationally and locally with our votes this November. The CA 2020 Spotlight Webinar Series will help CDT members and other key donors understand the initiatives, candidates, independent expenditures and broader dynamics of the 2020 ballot across the state. We’ll also cover what threats and responsibilities we in California have despite not being a swing state, because we are the largest state with an overwhelmingly Democratic electorate, the Democratic VP candidate, House Speaker, outspoken Governor and AG, at a time when the Trump administration will seemingly stop at nothing to keep their power.


Lifting Up Contra Costa- August 21 

CDT hosted a webinar on Lift Up Contra Costa Action and Lift Up Contra Costa. LUCC and LUCCA staff Danny Espinoza and Taylor Sims shared the base-building events they’ve been organizing like Deep Democracy, She ready! co-hosted with Safe Return Project, and the Justice League Candidate Training.They also shared how they helped get District Attorney Diana Becton appointed, and then elected to office, and that they will continue to use that model in this cycle supporting four candidates as an East Contra Costa County slate. They will also continue candidate identification, training and development. CDT is excited that 3 years after we supported its founding, LUCC/LUCCA is transforming into a base-building, countywide political and educational force.


Justice in L.A. 2020- August 31

We had a “packed room” for our event Justice in LA 2020: Fight to elect a progressive District Attorney in LA. On the call we had Contra Costa DA Diana Becton, SF DA Chesa Boudin and LA leaders to talk about our plans to elect George Gascón as next L.A. District Attorney.
With only 63 days until the election, and 34 days until ballots are mailed to voters, we need all the help to win. Please reach out to me, for more information.
*This was not authorized or paid for by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate for this office.
2020 State Initiatives Spotlight- September 3
The third California Donor Table 2020 Spotlight Series was the Initiatives Spotlight webinar. This allowed initiative campaign leaders to share with donors the progressive positions on key ballot initiatives, their campaign goals and fundraising needs. 15 donors and funders from across the state joined the webinar. Presenters briefed seven key statewide ballot initiatives that focused on reforming policies from state property tax assessments to bail reform. We then heard from the historic and unexpected local measure to reform San Diego’s Police Commission.


Endorsed Candidate Spotlight- September 16
This week CDT 2020 Spotlight Series focused on key progressive candidates across the state. Candidate Alex Lee (Assembly seat CA-25) spoke about his campaign. Then leaders of independent expenditure campaigns rooted in communities of color in the Inland Empire, San Diego and Central Valley spoke. CDT has supported these groups over the past decade, spurring a transition from white male conservative Republican elected officials to progressive people and often women of color candidates getting electeds. These wins in often ignored areas of the state not only change their regions’ changing political landscape, but the state as a whole.
For the candidate list please contact CDT Director Ludovic Blain at
Virtual Fundraiser Supporting Holly J. Mitchell for LA County Supervisor- September 22

Please join State Controller Betty Yee, Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara, Joe Sanberg, Amy Everett, Kimberly Ellis, and the California Donor Table for an IE virtual fundraiser supporting Working Families for Holly Mitchell for LA County Supervisor 2020.

California Political Organizing Briefing for Resource Generation members- September 23

Join Resource Generation and the California Donor Table as we spotlight key Black, Latino and AAPI progressive political community organizations across California. You’ll hear from Black, Latino and Asian & Pacific Islander-led independent expenditures, rooted in grassroots community groups, for congressional, board of supervisor, city council and other local candidates that will fight to close the western states’ largest ICE detention facility, for environmental justice, criminal justice reform, worker protection and other needed policies.


CA’s Role Protecting Democracy by Ensuring a Peaceful Transition- October 7

Continuing California Donor Table’s Spotlight webinar series, CDT and co-hosts Justice Funders, Libra Foundation, East Bay Community Foundation, Grove Foundation, Panta Rhea, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and Solidaire Action Fund, led a nonpartisan discussion on CA’s Role Protecting Democracy by Ensuring a Peaceful Transition. Speakers from Protect Democracy, National Task Force on Election Crises, Fight Back Table, Voices for Progress, Courage California, and the Orange County Civic Engagement Table covered their legal, advocacy, communications and grassroots strategies in place from the national to the local levels to help move the US forward post-election.

The groups’ strategies go until Inauguration Day, and include a base of grassroots and grasstops organizations to combat voter suppression, voter fraud and other election shenanigans.  California has been ground zero for these kinds of lies before, including in 2018 when President Trump baselessly lied about there being a caravan of ISIS and migrants coming to San Diego, potentially trying to link that to an Arab Latino Democrat running in the area. The speakers illuminated a long vote count process, especially here in California, that the right will lie about and portray as voter fraud by those who aim to discredit the political process and election results. That has already started.

A key takeaway from the event was highlighting messages supporting the vote count process and importance of counting each vote. Irene from Courage Campaign will distribute non-partisan messaging appropriate for foundations and individual donors, who we hope will not only use it themselves, but widely distribute it across their networks.  CDT will forward that when it’s ready.


Vote With Courage: A Donor Strategy Session on Election Priorities- October 8

More than 21 million other California voters are about to receive your mail ballots, and early voting starts today. With 12 statewide measures, a handful of local measures in every region, and dozens of more local to federal races (many nonpartisan or Dem vs. Dem), California voters face a more confusing ballot than in any other state. That’s why California Donor Table and Courage California teamed up for a donor strategy session to help you see the 2020 electoral priorities for progressives. We heard from key partners in the Central Valley and Los Angeles, and share more about what we’re working on to build community political power in California for 2020 and beyond.

Supreme Court Vacancy Briefing with Leader Chuck Schumer- October 13

President Trump and at least three Senate Republicans—including two on the Judiciary Committee—have tested positive for the coronavirus. Leader Mitch McConnell and Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham have said Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing next week will go on, even if it means conducting it virtually.

Republicans should be focusing on responding to the health, economic, and racial justice crises gripping the country, not ramming through a lifetime appointment under conditions that risk the health of all who work in the Capitol. Democrats must use every procedural tool at their disposal to delay this hearing while highlighting the stakes for so many Americans.

The fight is changing hourly and we can’t let up. Voices for Progress, the Democracy Alliance and the California Donor Table hosted an exclusive donor-advocate call with Leader Chuck Schumer to discuss strategy and next steps for how Democrats can fight this confirmation as aggressively as possible.

CDT Facebook Live Film Screening- October 14

As the November election approaches, we are excited to highlight how California Donor Table is investing in our state’s progressive future with a brand new video. We invite you to watch our new video, which outlines our plans and features our inspiring leaders. Then, listen to a short discussion with CDT’s executive director, Ludovic Blain, and some of our network members featured in the video. Watch the full video and the Facebook live discussion.

2020 Post-Election Debrief- November 6

Key CDT grantees updated us on the initial counts for the candidates races, and state and local ballot measures they were working on. They’ll also update us on what’s needed to ensure a fair, accurate and complete count. Plus we’ll cover whatever shenanigans or worse happened, and whats being done about them.

Black Funders Network of the Bay Area Post-Election Debrief- November 11

On Wednesday, November 11th, at 11 AM PST, the dynamic panel of community leaders and organizers, moderated by CDT’s ED Ludovic Blain, shared their insights on the implications of the 2020 election for Black communities both nationally and in California.