A sign against the recall is posted behind California Gov. Gavin Newsom as he talks with volunteers who are phone banking against the recall at Manny's on Aug. 13 in San Francisco.
CDT grantee Pablo Rodriguez of Communities for a New California Action Fund is quoted in Joe Garofoli’s SF Chronicle piece-
One of the Democrats who was concerned about the direction of the Newsom campaign is Pablo Rodriguez, executive director of Communities for a New California Education Fund, which performs in-person outreach to voters year-round on a variety of issues in the San Joaquin and Coachella valleys.
Rodriguez was among the Democrats who told The Chronicle this month that the Newsom campaign was spending too much money on TV ads and not enough on in-person canvassing, which is the most effective kind of voter outreach.
But he is pleased by the marked increase in pro-Newsom canvassers that his organization has noticed since ballots started landing in voters’ mailboxes last week.
“Kudos to the really robust campaign that they are running now,” Rodriguez said. But he cautioned: “There are still a lot of working class, undecided voters of color in the Central Valley. They need to continue to reach out to them.”
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