“For this brief moment in the nation’s history, Orange County is the center of the political universe. Saying that out loud draws incredulous smiles from some people and nods of agreement from others in the place where Richard Nixon was born, Ronald Reagan conservatism grew up and Democrats have long been comatose.

Until lately.

There’s a progressive voter revolt percolating among the 3.2 million people spread across Orange County’s 948 square miles, which stretch from the ritzy Newport Beach to the grittier side of Anaheim and the suburbia of Fullerton.

The reason for the change? Democrats think they can flip the four U.S. House seats held by Republicans that touch Orange County and where Hillary Clinton won a majority of votes. Winning those four seats would help the Democratic Party reach its goal of flipping the 24 seats it needs to retake control of the House.

Longtime Orange County Democrats are excited about seeing strong, well-funded Democrats lining up to challenge the Republican incumbents. Several are different kinds of candidates — first-time politicians from the biotech, medical and high-tech worlds, the kind of people who rarely run for office.”

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