Xavier Becerra served 12 terms in Congress, representing Los Angeles, before becoming the attorney general of California in 2017.

With President-elect Biden nominating CA Attorney General Becerra as HHS Secretary, the CA AG position is a hotly contested appointment with several progressive leaders of color in the race. So far, progressive Assemblymembers Rob Bonta and CDT-endorsed Ash Kalra, and CDT-endorsed Contra Costa District Attorney Diana Becton are all rising to the top. Any one of these leaders would make a fine Attorney General and bring different things to the table. Mr. Rob Bonta has been a long time friend of CDT and our members, and an effective progressive legislator in Sacramento. Mr. Ash Kalra would be the first public defender as CA AG. And DA Becton, as the first of a wave of progressive prosecutors elected in California, would be another good choice. Allies are split amongst these three. We want to make sure the next CA AG is a progressive person of color that is committed to uplifting our most marginalized communities in California.


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